Office the leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs,CAS

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      1.  Carrying out and supervising the major decisions and overall deployment of the leading Group for cyberspace affairs,CAS.

  2.  Organizing the formulating of the cyberspace affairs policies and rules of CAS, carrying out the researches on the cyberspace affairs major issue and providing policy suggestions. 

  3.  Implementating and promoting the top-level design and overall plan of cyberspace affairs, and supervising, inspecting and guiding the implementation of strategy, plan and policy of cyberspace affairs. 

  4.  In charge of the standardization work of the cyberspace affairs of CAS. 

  5.  In charge of the organizing the supervising, coordination, guiding and promoting of network security and informatization, and establishing a work system and evaluation system of the cyberspace affairs of CAS. 

  6.  In charge of the work software legalization of CAS. 

  7.  Combining the related work of cyberspace affairs assigned by the Central office, General Office of the State Council, the Central Network Security and Informatization committee office, the Ministry of Industry and Information technology, the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments. 

  8. Organizing the popularization, personnel training, foreign exchange and cooperation of cyberspace affairs. 

      9. Undertaking the other related work of cyberspace affairs assigned by the leader, CAS.